Carvajal's Painting Services

We provide services of all kinds in the painting and cleaning category, in Salt Lake City and surroundings. For all our work we use only high quality materials to guarantee our customer an impeccable finish. After viewing the place where the work will be carried out, we will provide you, without obligation, a free estimate.



The new customized painting service, with a free estimate, guaranteeing punctuality and reliability.



We offers a variety of services that are tailored to fit your cleaning needs and enables us to deliver stellar results.



Stucco, decorations, plasterboard, laying and sanding parquet, all to create a unique environment with personality.

Who we are


Carvajal's Painting LLC is a company specialized in the civil and industrial cleaning sector that operates throughout the Salt Lake City region, founded in 2014 and based in Utah State.


The principle that inspires and guides the activity of our company is identified in the extreme flexibility of the offer that allows you to meet all the different needs of the customer. Our experience and professionalism acquired over the years allows us to offer a serious and planned service using regularly hired staff of extreme trust and professionalism.

Qualified, motivated and professional staff


Within our company we all have the clear objective of satisfying our customers. Each of us is continually updated on new treatment technologies and the most modern equipment and is able to meet the demands of our customers.

Advanced products and equipment


We are always constantly updated on the most modern treatment techniques. Ozone treatments and cryogenic cleaning are just two of the many systems that our company has studied and learned to perform. We also use innovative and many biological products to care for our environment.

Work Planning


Once the specifications of our services to the customer are established, these are executed regularly and without interruption. One of our strengths is the organization and management of people that allows us to coordinate each intervention and plan effective work plans without disappointing our customers.

Painting Services

-Interior Painting

-Exterior Painting

-Stucco Repairs


Carvajal's Painting

Cleaning Services

 -Residential Cleaning

 -Commercial Cleaning

-New Construction

Painting & Cleaning Services