What Color Should I Paint My Room?

Do you want to wake up to a tired and boring bedroom or create a soothing sanctuary to lull you to sleep each night? You may think color is simply a matter of aesthetics but it can have a profound effect on your emotional and physical well-being. Understanding how the psychology of color influences sleep can guide you to a hue that will help you sleep better. Which is the point of your bedroom, right?


Even if you’re starting from scratch, choose something you love – a pillow, picture frame, scarf – and start searching blogs, websites and decorating books that display similar color groupings. Once you find something you like, limit your color selection to 3 or 4 hues and begin choosing the role those colors will play – active, passive or neutral influence.


Your wall color may be the active influence – and it might be a good starting point if you’re not sure where to begin. Remember that light colors are expansive, making a small room bloom into something larger and brighter. Dark colors add an air of sophistication and make larger rooms feel more intimate and cozy.

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